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Looking to improve your technique and feel? Are you interested in learning how to read music? Maybe you want to learn how to play to your favorite song?


Josh Beyers offers professional

one-on-one instruction for drum set. Learn how to play different styles, improve technique and build confidence. #PlayWithJoy 

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Richard M.

I started drum lessons with Josh Beyers a few months ago. I had played jazz and rock drums (and also taught) for years back in the 60s and 70s and have a degree in Music Education myself. But I had been away from the drums a long time for a career outside of music. When I started lessons with Josh, he spotted and corrected several weaknesses in my technique that had been holding me back all along. The difference in my playing has been amazing, and every week seems like a new breakthrough. We are focusing on jazz and bop drumming, and I am now working through some of the most difficult and intricate material that I have ever attempted. So even if you are an experienced drummer, I would highly recommend Josh. He is a teacher's teacher.

Amy M.

Josh is one of the most enthusiastic and driven young teachers and musicians I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He truly understands the musical and artistic needs of his students, and is an expert when it comes to inspiring them!

Marshall A.

I have been a student of Josh Beyers for about two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Josh is an excellent educator and all around good person. His lessons are well structured and engaging, combining learning fundamentals and learning the songs you're interested in playing. Through my lessons with Josh I have reached a point in my drumming I never thought I'd attain thanks in large part to Josh's attention to detail and positive attitude.

Ted S.

I am a retired lawyer who has taken drum instruction with Josh for 2 years. He truly loves drumming, music and his students. Josh is simply a great educator and instructor, both patient and enthusiastic, not to mention a wonderful player himself. #PlaywithJoy

Tim W.

Josh is a great teacher and I would recommend him to anyone!

Brian D.

Josh is a fantastic drum teacher! The first thing to know about Josh is he is a very talented percussionist. Even though he is amazing on the kit, he demonstrates that, no matter your skill level, percussion is a lifelong learning experience. And this is what makes Josh a great teacher. As a beginner adult drum student, Josh has patiently explained music theory and technique and helped me learn how to apply it to the kit. I am very proud to say that Josh has taught me things I never dreamed I would ever learn and its only been 6+ months. He never fails to combine fun with technique and is comfortable in all genres of music. Despite my crazy work schedule, Josh has always been flexible with scheduling. I would highly recommend Josh Beyers to anyone, from “never played drums” to the advanced percussionist.

Steve Z.

I have been taking lessons with Josh for almost 2 years. Josh is a great instructor who has helped me to learn the basic fundamentals of drumming, while being very willing to go out on a limb and teach me incredibly complicated drum songs (Rush, Jimi Hendrix, Foo Fighters). I am a far better drummer than I ever thought I could be...especially as someone who hadn't played in 20+ years and had never taken drum lessons before.

Ilene S.

Josh is a very talented drummer, and a caring drum teacher. My 11 year old son thoroughly his weekly drum lessons with Josh. Hearing my son's progress is a joy to our ears!

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